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Bigtangle is Oxford based textile artist Katie Taylor...

Katie's work explores our place in the world, our fragility in life and death, often using historical reference. She enjoys exploring a wide range of materials both traditional and non traditional.

She is currently a student with The Open College of the Arts. You can read her last college learning log here... and a current learning log here...

She uses Pinterest for research purposes and you can find her Pinterest boards here...

She also tweets as @bigtangle


If you would like to get in touch please email me at katie(at)





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ArtesMundi See images of the work and learn about the #artesmundi6 short-list. A piece on @WalesOnline by @karenmediawales


salmuirAdogaday Life drawing ink and stick #life drawing


ArtesMundi Chocolate self portraits of Congolese plantation workers made @ #ArtesMundi6 part of Renzo Martens installation




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